About Me

HELLO! My name is Jasmin also known as Jass to my friends and here is just a little information about me.

I am 20 years old and live in the town of Robin Hood Nottinghamshire were there are plenty of trees to climb and woods to walk through. I hope to move to Hereford next year as after studying there for nearly 3 years I have really enjoyed the country-esk views and some of the small shops.

I currently study at Hereford College of Arts studying Photography in my final year of study. I love being at a specialized art college as I can share ideas and me and my friends can help each other as well even if it is illustration or Contemporary Applied Arts. It is a perfect University to be at.

I hope after I have completed my course I plan to move to Hereford and hopefully work for Traplet Publications that work on magazines such as Craft Stamper and Beads and Beyond. But if that fails I would be happy within a studio environment. I have my own photographic website which can be viewed here.

Jass Photography

This blog consists mostly of my crafts (when I have the time to make them) which consists mostly of fabric flowers, cards and atcs. My blog also contains fashion and the way I dress and what inspires me ranging from Vintage and charity shops to high street shops but I am trying to stick with vintage when I can.

I love all my family and friends who are very helpful and inspire me to make me use my full potential. I hope you will enjoy my blog.