It has been a long time since I have posted on this blog a lot has happened in the last couple of months in 2014. So because of this I have decided to start afresh start a new blog called The Ponderings of a Red Head. I will no longer be using this blog so any current followers if you like you can now follow this new blog which I assure will be frequently updated. Just click the picture and you will be taken straight to my new blog

The Ponderings of a Red Head
Happy New Year Everyone!


Teds round London

A couple of weeks ago I was in London and I was asked by my Uncle to photograph his Teds round London event. I had so much fun again as I have been to one of these events before. The band The River Boys was really good and definetly got everyone up off there seats jiving including me! 

I have never jived or even dance for that matter (well you can't really count burlesque) but it was so much fun and I am looking for classes to do with my partner George in Hereford even if it is only the once it is still a bit of fun. Anyways here is just a few of my favourite pictures from the event 

Loved this bag I admired it a lot!

The River Boys

More can be viewed through my facebook page Lifes Captured Moments


London and Wicked

This week I am currently in London spending some time with my nan and my uncle. My mum usually comes up and visits as well but both my parents are on a around the work trip. Go check out their blog for their adventures. Scrivs on tour
they have just touched down in Tokyo today.

Anyways while they are away I thought I would spend some time with nan. We have done quite a few things together one of them going to see the Broadway musical Wicked. I have wanted to see this for such a long time and I realised while I was there that my last show I saw was We Will Rock You in 2008 with secondary school!
wicked at the London Apollo Victoria theatre 

Wicked was so amazing we had the lovely Kerry Elis playing Elphaba who has a very talented voice. The defying gravity song was just amazing just how I expected it!

I won't ruin the story but I loved how it all linked to the wizard of oz including some characters from that story appearing. It was quite as surprise and the whole plot twist at the end was lovely.

Me and my nan

I would definitely recommend anyone to go see Wicked, it has a mixture if emotions and will definitely keep the songs in your head for as long time



Today has been a little bit of a lazy day but I have been crafting and baking so I have tried to keep myself busy. I decided today I would finish off my first patchwork cushion.

The patchwork squares were from a little kit I brought from liberties in London. I just adore their fabric and with it at being quite a high price and me being not so brilliant sewing I thought I would go for a little pack of 36 squares 2in x 2in.
I have made quite a few cushions but I really enjoyed making this one as I have never tried patchwork before.

I know my squares are not completely level but it was handmade after all. I am heading to London next week and think of picking up some more to make Christmas presents. I know terrible i m already thinking of Christmas but it is only just oiver four months away!

Let us know what you think of the cushion I would love to hear peoples opinion.