Today has been a little bit of a lazy day but I have been crafting and baking so I have tried to keep myself busy. I decided today I would finish off my first patchwork cushion.

The patchwork squares were from a little kit I brought from liberties in London. I just adore their fabric and with it at being quite a high price and me being not so brilliant sewing I thought I would go for a little pack of 36 squares 2in x 2in.
I have made quite a few cushions but I really enjoyed making this one as I have never tried patchwork before.

I know my squares are not completely level but it was handmade after all. I am heading to London next week and think of picking up some more to make Christmas presents. I know terrible i m already thinking of Christmas but it is only just oiver four months away!

Let us know what you think of the cushion I would love to hear peoples opinion.

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