New Dress

Well tomorrow I'm heading back home tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it but am going to miss the Hereford Crew and my boyfriend but hopefully we will meet up over the Summer. Yesterday I decided to stock up on some really pretty fabrics and while I was doing that I decided to take a visit to Topshop as they had a sale on. What girl can resist!! While I was there I noticed they had the dress I wanted in the sale so I just had to try it on and ended up buying it.

It only cost me £15 instead of £35 plus student discount! Even better!

Anyways I've decided to have a couple of Summer Goals before I come back to Hereford. Here's just a few.

Taking at least one picture a day on my Fisheye Camera

Getting a poloroid camera particularly this one I love them

Making more items from my idea book

Anyways need to finish packing my uni room ready to go home.

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