Polly Pocket Craziness

First of all I'm going to start with 2 photos for my photo diary

Day 10

I made a new hair accessories for my hair yesterday. I think I might consider making them for sale. But I just love the blue/green fabric too much wish i had more of it.

Day 11

Today I played a little bit of my guitar. I haven't played it for some time now so it was nice to just place some old songs and then come up with my own songs without lyrics as I can't sing well . As you can see from the pictures there Polaroids and I've decided to show my photographs in this style in a journal. Almost like a travel journal to represent my Summer.

Today I don't know what happened but I suddenly had an urge to look at the classic Polly Pocket and I've decided I'm going to start a little collection. I remember when I was little I had loads including the Disney ones, but sadly we sold them at a car boot sale which I really regret now. Here is a couple of some of the ones I remember owning and hopefully might own again.

And here's some of The Disney ones I owned. I remember I had a particular way of playing with the Cinderella Castle. I didn't really stick with the story when playing with it. But that's what little kids do got to let imagination run wild!!

Hopefully soon I might have a picture of a current one I hopefully will own.

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Sarah_Luvs_Joey said...

hey email me at Enigmachick10485@yahoo.com, asap, I have a big box of polly pockets all kinds, if you want to do a trade thanks sarah