10 Things I love Tuesday

I thought I would start a new blog post and do it every week. So here it goes. Here are my top 10 favourite things at the moment

1. Ghibli Films Specially Sprited Away

2. This cute bracelet from The Cookie Button

3. This really cute fabric from Fabric Rehab

4. I've always loved this bag designed by Kidston. I just love the spotty pattern and the colour.

5. This blog my mum found just for owl lovers

6. Poi Spinning

7. Music by We the Kings

8. The film 500 Days of Summer

9. Blythe Dolls, I would just love to own one

10. And finally this squirrel picture seen on Folksy

I will be back with another blog post soon


peppermint*tea said...

omg 500 days of summer is one of my favorite movies : ) I've yet to see Spirited Away but I really want to!

Jess said...

I love Studio Ghibli! They are such amazing movies! I think Princess Mononoke is my favourite!

Great list! :)