'2 staples free with every issue'

This was the quote the Big Issue man said in Nottingham yesterday.

Me and my parents loved the guy so much that we had to buy an issue, the only problem was we wasn't sure how much they cost because didn't have enough change on us. But luckily we did and we gladly gave the man three pound with tip. It was a nice day in Nottingham as we went for breakfast at cafe rouge. My mum had frech toast with fruit on it which looked really nice yet I didn't try it as I don't like french toast.

Today, I haven't really done much apart from packing for London and finishing my Uncles Birthday Present. My Uncle is a big rockerbilly fan so I thought I should make him a jukebox out of felt.

Here is the final outcome of it and the original image I was working from.

I think I've done pretty well with it and hopefully he will like.

Like I mentioned earlier I'm off to London tomorrow to visit my Nan and Uncle. I can't wait cause I just love London. Specially going to mine and my mums fav place, Camden Market.

We will also be visiting Portobello Road. I haven't been there at all so I am looking forward to it. While I'm in London I will try and do some blogging of my weekend by going down to the internet cafe as my nan doesn't have internet. So I will try and update my blog as much as I can during these coming weeks.

Hope everyones having a good summer.

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Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

two staples free - one of the best quotes i've heard!! x