Busy day

1st night back in my Hereford home
how I have missed you.

I have been so busy today. I went into town to try and look for a job and I failed miserably. I might have to look again in a couple weeks. I also found out that the shop I usually get my film developed has shut down, bad times but hopefully I might be able to find somewhere to get my film developed that isn't Jessops or I could ask for help at uni to do it as I have never printed colour photos before.

The dress I am wearing below I have only ever wore once. I always thought it made me look shorter than I already I am. I did try and sell it on eBay but it never sold which I am quite glad of as I have started to like it again. Hopefully I will wear it more in the future.

Hair accessories: Made by me
Dress: Dorthy Perkins £??
Cardigan: New Look £8
Belt: Primark £2
Tights: Primark £1
Boots: Next £32

In other news I have started reading the book I got asked to buy for Uni last year. It's only took me a year to realise I should actually read this book and I am quite glad I have as it is really helpful.

I will be back tomorrow with another blog post of my Sunday Style Crush.

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Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

oo that dress really suits you, its a good job indeed it didn't sell :) x