Everything has been going off since I last blogged so sorry for being a bit behind on the blog posts.

Firstly I go back home today. Well Hereford home and probably be going out some point during the week with my friends as most of them are back now which I'm happy about.

On Sunday while me and Lawrence and his stepbrother was watching Howls Moving castle we suddenly we heard shouting. The shouting was fire!! It was quite scary at first. We all managed to get out the house safely phoned the fire brigade, which took forever to turn up. After about an hour or so (it seemed we was stood outside for that long) we was soon a loud back in the house. The Firemen got offered pink fairy cakes which was quite amusing and some cups of tea. Luckily the fire only burned half of one of Lawrences' step brothers room but there was still quite a bit of damage. I think the keyboard was the coolest.

Here is just a couple of other photos from the event.

Ooh i forgot to add a picture of Lawrences' Birthday card as I was really pleased with it so here it is.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Not long till I start uni!

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