Autumn Traditions

1st of all I would like to mention, I finally got a new coat!! I have been looking forever on eBay and around shops but could never afford them. But today I was going to the charity shops with my friend Sophie and found this lovely coat at £7.99.

I have also uploaded some new things to my Folksy so you should go check it out. The link is on the left. Some of theses being improvements from yesterdays blog.

Back to the title of the subject. I Just love Autumn it is my favourite time of the year. I can never wait for it to turn up. Halloween also being an influence in this.
I have so many favourite traditions in Autumn. Some of these being...

Favourite drink: Mint Hot Chocolate

Favourite Fall trend: Floral (specially on dresses)

Favourite Fall Flavour: Pumpkin

Also my favourite in Pumpkin Soup Yummy

Favourite Fall Accessories: Definitely a Scarf, specially scarves by TwinkieChan.

What are your fall traditions?
Tonight is freshers tonight hopefully should be fun. Blog again soon.

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Rai said...

oh, I adore that coat! xx