Crafting and work.

I have been so busy trying to come up with ideas for my photography essays and projects. So sorry for the lack of blogging. But I have also been doing crafting alongside all of my actual work.
Just recently I've added a few more flower rosettes into my shop. It's the 2 at the top of the below which are the newest ones.

In other crafting news I have also started learning to crochet. I've always wanted to have a go and when a magazine came out called The Art of Crochet back in December I needed to get it. But I couldn't get it as it sold out really fast. After waiting for nearly a year I found the very 1st issue on eBay. I paid £5.20 for it (postage included) and it was really worth it. I'm so glad I've got this magazine as it is really useful and hopefully I will be able to show more crochet goodness.

Here is a couple of crochet techniques I have attempted so far.
Foundation Chain

Slip Chain

I have so many different projects for university its unbelievable. One of the projects is a work experience project. We have to gain work experience at 2 places and enter 2 competitions. Tonight I'm helping out at the college for a little small work experience (hour and a half), that I thought I could add the work into my research folder and also my CV. Even though I didn't need to pop into college today I needed to so I could get an external flash out. And wow its massive! Well to me it is. I have seen them before but never actually attached one to my camera. As you can see from the picture below it goes up to were the flash light is.

Hopefully the pictures will come out fine and perfect, fingers cross. I will do another blog post later on letting you all know how I got on with everything.


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