Hello October...

I'm a bit behind on the starting of October but I just love this particular month so much for so many reasons. The starting of Autumn and Halloween. I love it. Today has been quite a hectic day. I popped into town and was about to some new ankle boots as my other ones were broken. And forgotten my vouchers for some money off of them.

So I ended up having to walk all the way back which is only a 15minute walk but still to go and get my vouchers. I'm quite glad I did the walk as I just love my new boots.

They were from Dorothy Perkins and would have cost me £35, but because I had £15 in vouchers and 20% student discount I only got them at a really good price of £13 which is even better! Hopefully these will last me. Here is what I wore while I was out today.

Top: Primark £3
Playsuit: River Island £25
Tights: Primark £1
Boots: Next £32

As well as getting new boots. Our uni house is officially filled now. Everyone is back at our 2nd home. It's so exciting that everyone's back can't wait till I actually start back at my 2nd year of uni which will be Wednesday. Hopefully tomorrow I will be up to some crafting goodness so will do some blog posts on that. Hope everyone's having a fun weekend.

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