I'm Sorry

I have been so terrible at blogging this week. So I'm sorry everyone. I will try and fill you in on my week as much as I can. Obviously Lawrence came up on Tuesday and I was so excited to see him again and now he is moving here on Monday. I actually can't wait. No more being separated for a month at a time. Here is the outfit I wore on that day. It is my new dress I was on about a fortnight ago that I got from Topshop. Sorry for the blurriness of the picture.

Dress- Topshop £13
Long Sleeve Top- Primark £3
Tights- Primark £1
Boots- Next £32

And remember my dull looking pin hole camera? Well I've finally painted it and taken some pictures. I was so glad my housemate Lent me some paints to use. I have yet to develop the 5x4 negatives and will hopefully do this at college on Monday.

Oh and me and my housemates made a castle for no reason this week we will hopefully be painting it soon.

It also began snowing yesterday but it didn't really settle and yet it was snowing quite fast.

And then I woke up this morning to find snow on the ground. Not as much as other places in the UK but it soon melted as the day went on. I hope there will be some more snow soon

While drinking hot chocolate to keep me warm I have been trying to finish my presentation ready for my deadline but during my small breaks I have also been finishing up on my friends 21st birthday pressie. She doesn't check my blog so it is safe to put it up on here.

I know the bow is a little big but it took me forever to try and work it out and wasn't going to make another one.Because it was her 21st birthday me and my housemates thought it would be nice if we each made her something related to use then making something all together for her. We have also brought her a few pressies as well. I will hopefully get a picture up soon of the little project with have for our friend Suzies birthday.
By the way I was inspired by Skunkboy Creatures plushies. I just think there all so cute and you should check them out. Here is her button

Have to get back to doing more work now and to get myself another hot chocolate. Has it snowed were you are yet?


Rai said...

jealous! this dress looks so much better on you then me c: xxx

Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

your dress and boots are so nice! i've yet to have snow :( x