The sun is shining

It is a really cold day but the sun is shining anyway so I thought today I would wear a thick jumper to college rather than my coat as sometimes I get a little hot from walking around all the time. Here is what I wore today.
Dress: Dorothy Perkins £15
Jumper: Disneyland Paris 45 euros
Tights: New Look £6
Socks: M&S £???
Pumps: Primark £4

As well as having a boring lecture on architectural photography I managed to finally develop the film from my pin hole camera and it came out well 1 did the other was a little too dark. I will hopefully get this printed tomorrow and will show you guys all on here. I hope to try and get some more done this weekend hopefully it was so amazing to see that it worked. As soon as I finish blogging I will be starting work on my mini animation for college as we have a big critique on Thursday. If I get some of the work today I will update later what I have done on it so far.
Oh and I have a small mention on Blargle Fargle blog. I love her style so it was pretty amazing to see my name mentioned. Got to get started on some work now. Hopefully update later.

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Rai said...

I'm glad you liked the mention ^_^ I adore that jumper/dress combo, so cute! xx