The New Year

So it's the last day of 2010 and I'm not really doing much apart from going to my parents friends house at about 11 as it is always mental there. Last year I got quite drunk but I might not this time as I still don't feel to great as it is. But here is what I'm planning tonight. I don't know if to wear my purple heels or some boots (as they are the only footwear I brought back from Hereford).

Dress: Ark Clothing £15
Tights: Primark £1
Slippers: Next £3

I always set myself new years resolutions but never stick with them, but I'm going to try and do them for my blog at least. And I will post them on the side so I will always see them and will stick by them.
So here it goes here is my new year resolutions for 2011

Hopefully I will stick by them. And now I should really be getting on with my work as I have to plan out a 3minute storyboard for my stop motion animation for uni. So time to get to work. Hope everyone has a great new year.

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