Animation 2

I started making my animation at around 12 today and finished taken the pictures at 4.30ish. I'm having one issue of a scene being just a little be too quick in transition so I have to try and think of something else to do. I just want to cry. But otherwise I have started doing a rough edit of it that I will hopefully upload on to here. But for now here is just a couple of scenes.

I have really enjoyed doing this animation and can't wait to put it into a book as well. I think I have already got my chosen design for my book. This is only a mock up and will hopefully be more cheese shape like but what does everyone thing? Do you think it is suitable for a childrens book?

each of the individual pages fold out into a circle which a photo and some text will be feature.

I better get back to sorting out this little section of my animation. I will be back tomorrow with my weekly feature of sunday style post


Hazel said...

Oh I do love your stills of your mouse and think the book is an amazing idea. I love how your pages fold out like that. What a great imagination you must have.
H xx

Anonymous said...

Eeep, this looks so sweet!
I think it is perfect for children :)