My Animation is complete!

I'm first going to start off with what I wore today at Uni. Everyone did comment on the yellow tights as they are so bright but I thought it was amusing.

Dress: Ark Clothing £11.99
Tights: Primark £1
Shoes: Debenhams ???

As I had finally finished my animation for my photography project which I will show and talk about soon I decided to make some muffins again. This time apple and cinnamon and they went down pretty well I think. Well everyone said they liked them which was good
Now all this weekend I have spent my time finishing my animation for my project based on Narrative Imaging. I did fall out with it a couple of times but I did enjoy some parts of it as well. Specially editing it all and seeing it come together was so much fun. So here it is my animation on Mousykins based for children.

I will be showing to my tutor tomorrow and I will let you know what she thinks. All my friends have seem to enjoy and I thought t would be nice to see what you guys think of it.


Rai said...

Love the tights! x

Rebecca Rose said...

I have those tights and they always seem attract attention, good or bad! I love them though!