Happy Valentines Day


Happy Valentines day everyone I've had a really nice day today apart from it raining. I do have pictures of today but I used my film camera for a change but I will get the pictures developed hopefully this week.
Anyways Lawrence took me to the river were we went on our first romantic stroll and it was a really nice sunny day. We was out for probably an hour and that suddenly it started chucking it down with rain and I didn't have my coat eep! So we decided to head back to his house.
I had done a couple of things for Lawrence for Valentines day I made a chocolate and candy cane love heart which you can see just here.

And then I also cooked him dinner and for desert we had chocolate chip muffins after my failed attempt at trying to make Red Velvet cupcakes (Think I will leave them to my mum)

I had a few left over so I put the little cupid arrows with my housemates names on them and I think they really enjoyed them and thought they was cute.

Plus here is the card I did for Lawrence. I made the background myself with watercolours and I really liked it. I think I might consider doing this in the future.

Hope everyone has had a really good valentines Day.