It's the wrong Alice!

I have become very obsessed with Alice in Wonderland recently and after watching the movie last night I have decided to try a challenge for myself this week related to Alice in Wonderland. I have decided to try and by inspired by the costumes for the whole of one week. So here is Day 1:- Alice

Headband: Camden Town £6.50
T-shirt: Zara £5
Dress: Camden Town £12
Both sets of Tights: £2
Shoes: Zara £20
Nail Polish: OPI called 'Alice'

Hopefully this new challenge of mine will hopefully work out. Because I have to have a research folder for my projects and I was a bit short on cash I decided to make my own research book since doing book arts. I decided to a croptic stitch I think it is called which was really simple and quite quick to do. Here is some images of the book.

I have yet to decorate it properly but when I do I will post a picture up on here. I really can't wait to get my photo shoot started.
Today overall has been quite a boring day after being talked at all day. Although in one lesson I must admit I did a drawing of my lecturer and I haven't drawn like this in ages so overall I am quite proud of it.

Oh before I forget I have been loving the scrapbook pages from this blog at the moment you should go check it out http://miniowner.blogspot.com/
Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with another Alice inspired blog post.

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Mini said...

Oh thank you so much for the mention - I really enjoy your blog, too.
Sue xxx