So much craft

I will first start off with what I'm wearing today. It was nice and warm out so I didn't really need to bother with a jacket for a change.

Playsuit-River Island £25
Tights- Next
Belt- Primark £1

I have been waiting till my mum received the parcel to mention this but now she has I will tell. I think it was either Thursday or Wednesday but I saw in an Oxfam charity shop loads and I mean loads of Ladybird books for sale and I know over Christmas my mum got most people a ladybird book so I thought I would get her one as well and my self.

These 2 books were only 59p each there was a few more expensive ones but I was a bit short on change. I decided to give my mum the Alice in wonderland one as I know she has been liking it quite a bit recently and I remember having the Goldilocks and the three bears book growing up as a child. When I get a bit more money I will hopefully go back there and pick up a couple more. That is if they still have any that is.
Well as the title of this blog post suggests I have quite a lot of crafting to do this week and next. I don't know if anyone remembers but I began to sell some headbands in a shop in Hereford called 'Lovely Annie'. I have yet to know how many headbands I have sold but I have now been asked to make some pin brooches of my yoyo headbands. I've decided I'm going to use spring/summer fabric as it is nearly that time of year.

I also mentioned to the manager that I was planning on making some coffee cozies which are these:

But I'm going to add my own 'flair' to them to make them more my style of craft. As well as been asked to make some yoyo pins and coffee cozies I have been asked by my Student Union to make a small mascot for the college. They decided they wanted a monkey that is brown with probably his belly being a different colour. I have decided to try and make it similar to the monkey me and my house mates made for my friends birthday but hopefully have everything already attached.

So with this all in mind I better start thinking up things for this monkey. I will try and blog daily this week showing my thought processes and the sewing etc.

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Rai said...

I hope your headbands do well! I love your outfit <3