How do ya do and shake hands

It was really tricky to come up with what to wear for Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee without wearing something I've already worn. So I decided to wear this, it is a shame I didn't have black shorts or braces but I think it works. And my hair is straight for a change it feels so weird!

Top: GAP
Shorts: Ark Clothing £30
Tights: New Look
Socks: TK Max £5
Boots: Next £40

I didn't go to college today as I didn't need to be in so instead I tried to get some work done and do some more crafting. I have finally finished the coffee cozies and I will let you know when they will go up in my store. They are quite bright and floral style so great for in the spring/summer time.

This cherry one is for one of my friends that asked to see if I can make one for her. If anyone would like a custom one just let me know in the comments.

As well as finishing off the coffee cozies I made myself a quick keyring today so here is that as well.

Sorry for the very small blog post. I have just a few things on my mind today.

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