Vintage at Southbank

I loved loved the event yesterday! It was so nice seeing how other people dressed and all the lovely clothes, accessories and furniture. I had my make-up done at the benefit section were I think I might consider wearing eyeshadow daily now as it was a nice natural brown colour. The thing is benefit makeup is expensive but I love it. Might need to treat myself!
We sat in a very nice little tea room as well were me, mum and my nan all each had petit four which considered of 2 macarrons a marsh mellow thing and some lovely tasting lavender shortbread which I might try and make myself.

We also so in the tearoom Wayne Hemmingway who organised the vintage at london and was the co founder of red or dead. There he is just behind me in the picture. Shame I look terrible!

Here is just a few other items from the event.

Obviously I couldn't go without buying anything so here is what I brought.
Some orange fabric and ribbon, a brown skirt and a butterfly headpiece

I also brought this lovely brown vintage bag as well at a good price of £25.

Vintage at southbank done time for Camden tomorrow!!

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Raven said...

Hello, I found your cute blog through swap bot. I am now following you and look forward to seeing more posts!