Fathers day and summer show

Since friday everything has been happening. Saturday I went to work sunday it was fathers day and my parents and grandparents came and visited the summer show currently on. I had made my day a lovely mustache themed fathers day card along with a gardening kit I brought for him.

I just love the card! I also made the boyfriends dad a fathers day card as well which his dad liked which was good and I have been told I am a keeper =D

As well as Fathers Day, monday was the morning breakfast event which sadly I was a little disappointed by. My mum made me 24 cupcakes in which in the three hours of the event I only handed out 5. I was really disappointed by this as it was such a good idea.

And with so many cupcakes left I decided to hand them out to staff as thank you for helping me out through university and getting to final stage of the show. Even after handing some out to staff I still had about fifteen left which George then gave to the principal to give out at the fellows event lunch which again they went down well.

Because of the fellows event and the fact me and George was invidualting we got to see John Bulmer who is a well know documentary photographer and it was lovely to hear his opinions about my work and what he though of it. Another good thing was I had a business card taken which is a bonus!

I have so much fun doing the summer show and it was lovely to see what other people from other courses have been doing. I have a few images here just to show you some of the great talent.

I am in love with the apron and hope I can make myself something similar

As well as all this excitement there is yet more good news. Me and George today have put a deposit down on a flat it will take a couple of weeks for references to go through but I am so excited I can not wait. But more news on that tomorrow.

Sorry guys for such long gaps between me posting because I will have free time during the week from July I shall have more craft and photography based posts along with my day life and hopefully the blog will get out of the ground along with my online folksy shop which is currently closed as I am working on some new items.


Zoe said...

Your show looks fab Jas! Congratulations and est of luck for the future

Nana Louise Nielsen said...

Yes, it does look stunning. Good luck!

Have nominated you for a Versatile Blog award. Bit of a fun blog hop, I think :o)