Snow in Hereford

Compared to the Midlands Hereford hasn't really had much snow these last couple of days and it has already melted away to nothing since Friday. Because of the weather and a lack of customers I managed to get Friday and Saturday off work. Even though this means less money in my pay check at the end of the month it did mean I got to take some photographs of the lovely snow. So here is a selection of my favourites.

Later Saturday Night me and my boyfriend went out with my camera so he could take some photographs so here is a couple of his along with mine.

I'm off to London tomorrow as a treat from the boyfriend. The main reason being because of the Tim Walker exhibition at Somerset House. Tim Walker is a big inspiration of mine and I can't wait to see all the props he uses along with the photographic prints of his work. I am so looking forward to it!

As well as visiting Somerset House we will also be taking a trip to Camden Town and maybe Portobello Rd. I know the atmosphere is a lot better during the weekends but I know George will love it as he has never been to the places in London before (even though he has visited London plenty of times in the past!) And obviously while we are down there we will be visiting my Nan and my Uncle as I very rarely get to see them  now due to work.

Have a fun week everyone. I will try and blog through my phone but it never seems to work out. Otherwise I will update of my visits on Friday.

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