Long time no see

Wow its been some time since I've blogged and it is either because I have been busy or ill!

Well firstly I am a little bit behind but here is my Friday Challenge for the Octopode Factory on music.

I love the little Mermaid so much and throught this would be a good opportunity to use the mermaid digi by Lily. While making the card I had the film playing the background. As well as that last weekend I went to photograph a building for an architecture. Finally my first paid job in a field I want to do; photography. I'm not going to post a lot but here is a few.

The building was amazing and I was so lucky with the weather as I thought it would rain but the copper captured the sunlight beautifully. Yesterday I was off again doing another photoshoot for Lizzie May Vintage which have been such a great help to me since I've finished uni. While I think about it please go vote for them at the Vintage Awards the link is just below these images that I photographed for them. The photographs was a selection of Vintage clothes that they own in there store. There are some lovely outfits that have been put together.

To check out a few more photos from the shoot just check out my facebook page of website. Again the links will be at the bottom of the page. I promise I will try and blog more what with work and photography I am becoming a very busy girl.

See you guys soon!

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