First Wedding

I good couple of months ago my friend got engaged and I was asked to be her photographer which was just an exciting opportunity! Even though I never thought I would ever photograph a wedding I actually enjoyed.
Even though she had hired a professional wedding photographer I got a change to do a few of my own shots particularly as she asked me to do the getting ready for the big day shots along with the first dance and cutting the cake! We was very lucky with the weather as it rained while we was having the wedding breakfast so luckily I managed to get some photographs of the bride and groom together and fingers crossed both of them like the results.
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This is one of my favourite shots from the day. The reason I did it is because she likes Disney particularly the princesses and as seen as she was a princess for a day I decided to do this photo in the style of sleeping beauty minus the sleeping and more smiling. I will be uploading more of the pictures soon however the bride and groom has still yet to see them as they are away on their honeymoon.
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I managed to even get a mention on the professional wedding photographers blog. I will be uploading more photographs to my photography website and will let you know when that happens and I will also post a link. I would love to hear everyone opinion on them as I am considering maybe trying to be a second shooter for Wedding Photographers. 

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Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

Great work Jasmin, we look forwards to seeing the rest.