Today I got my results back for my projects I've done at uni. For all of them I got 2.2s which is good but personally I don't think so as I only just scrapped the marks but o well I am okay with them. Here is some of the pictures from the fashion shoot I did done on location.

There is more images on my flickr which you will see a link on the left. Anyways here is a couple things I have loved recently.

Starbucks Caffe Creme Frappuccino I just love Starbucks in general. Need to visit it again before I go home as I won't be as close to one when I go back home

My friend Suzie's illustration work. I love it. I particularly like this self portrait image of her. You should go check out more of her work here

This painting by Elsie. If only I lived in America I would buy the things from her shop. I don't know if she posts to the UK or not. You should go visit her shop Red Velvet Art
I must admit she is my inspiration and is someone who has got me started into making cute things and setting up my own shop. I just love her work and her blog.

I've had this postcard on my wall now for sometime at university from my Mum. I love my mums cards and scrapbooks. I will get her to start blogging I think. We did plan to do one together so it might happen one day. But I remember when I got this as she had just been to a craft show and basically the little postcard was her showing me her new stamp! Which I absolutely adore The image above doesn't do its justice as I just scanned it in. I think I need to buy more stamps and ink pads more instead of 'borrowing' from my Mum. Here's another card she made me. A good luck card before I left for university.

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