very late update

So I have been to two parties within the past 3 days!! The latest one was the underwater theme party. There was so many good outfits my housemates had good costumes heres just a few pictures from that day

My three friends walking down to the place
from left to right a turtle,the titanic and a goldfish

Here is also a picture of my costume, dressed as the ocean, using buttons for the little fish I also made a little seahorse for my belt buckle. At first I didn't know what to do for my makeup but it came out great in the end I think. I absolutely loved my makeup and I might do a tutorial on youtube if I time.


The birthday girl made an amazing jellyfish outfit I wish I had pictures but I hardly ever got my camera but she used a purple umbrella and attached a variety of different types of purple ribbon to it. I wish I could just use it everyday!

In later news, I have just added a few more items to my shop just a couple of headbands for the time being but I hope to soon when I go to my home in Nottinham to spend a couple of days creating more items for the shop. Heres a picture of the headbands and a few other things I'm also considering to put into the shop

I also forgot to do a post yesterday as it was Fathers Day! I do love my Father so what a way to celebrate it. This year for my Dad, I didn't know what to get him as a gift so I decided to make him something which stupidly I forgot to take a picture of before I posted it. So when I go back home I will take a picture of it to show everyone. But instead here is the card I did for him instead

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