A Bit Delayed

Since Lawrence has been up I have forgotten to blog, oops. So I will make it up to you all soon.

At 1st Lawrence wasn't going to come up on the day that was suggested as he managed to get the wrong train. Instead of going from Swindon to Gloucester, he managed to get on the wrong train to LONDON!! I was worried at first but it soon has become a bit of laugh. Here is a note he got from the information desk in London to get back to Swindon.

After all this had happened I suggest for him to come up on a coach on the Sunday, but his mum offered to pay for him to come on the Saturday. So thank you to his mum for him still to come up on the day he was suppose.

Here is the picture of the day for Saturday

This is the platform number Lawrence appeared on at Nottingham Train Station.

Yesterday we went for a day out in Rufford Abbey. It was a really nice sunny day apart from the odd occasional breeze. Because it was so hot I managed to get sunburn. OUCH!!. When ever I visit Rufford Abbey I always appear to take pictures of the bird, specially this time as there was still some goslings and signings. I've decided for my picture of the day to be a picture of mother and signing.

Today was the first bit of rain since I got back from Hereford. It has been raining constantly and Lawrence has forgotten to bring a jacket it with him so we went to mansfield to look for one and couldnt find one sadly but my dad has leant him one of his. Here is a photo for the day of the rain droplets on the patio chairs.

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