very very late update

I have been so behind lately on updating this blog that I might have to do a collection of blogging through out the day.

For the 1st blog of the day I have a collection of my photos for my photo diary

Day 16

I made my favourite sandwich filling. Feta cheese with lettuce and tomatoes. I love this filling ever since I had started getting sadwiches from a place in Hereford called Number 10. Its a really cute shop and will take a picture of it when I go back.

Day 17

I went for a little bike ride with Lawrence today. It was so much fun trying to see who could be the 1st person to get down the hill.

Day 18

Me and Lawrence went for a trip to Nottingham. It was raining every now and again throughout the day. But we decided to sit by the big fountain in the middle of Nottingham. I'm glad my boots are waterproof for me to take this picture. But while I was just finishing taking pictures it started pouring it down with rain. Bad times!

Day 19

Because both me and my boyfriend had two of the soundtracks for Lord of the Rings it made us want to rewatch it. So we got up early enough to try and watch all 3 movies in one go. We only managed to watch the 1st two though.

Day 20

Lawrence went back home to Swindon yesterday. It was a little upsetting but I will hopefully see him again in another 3 weeks. Just hopefully he got opn the right trains this time and not end up in London.

I will be back later with another update of todays activities and probably some things I am loving at the moment

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