Lazy Tuesday

Today I haven't done very much at all. I should really get crafting and coming up with more ideas for my shop on Folksy.

Yesterday I managed to see Toy Story 3 in 3D. It was a pretty late showing me and my family was seeing and there was hardly anyone in the cinema screening. This is my daily photo for yesterday.

I recommend people seeing this movie it can make you laugh. I think Mr Potato Head stole the film! It can also make you cry as I found out towards the end of the movie. Because I was sat next to my mother she heard me sniffling at the end of the movie. But then once the film was finished the lights went up and I had makeup all down my face and bloodshot eyes. Not a very pretty sight. So I borrowed my mums glasses who can hardly see and we both stumbled out of the cinema as I was struggling to see out of my mums glasses. As the was going on the song 'People are strange' by Echo & The Bunnymen. What a coincidence! But overall I recommend this film 10 out of 10!!

Today has been a pretty boring day as usual. But I have been mostly trying to plan what I am going to say tomorrow at my old Secondary School. One of my old teachers has asked me and someone else to go into school and talk about university life and what to expect. I'm actually a little nervous as I know my university life is different to that of my friends.

Todays daily photo is embaressingly a picture of my new bra my mum brought me from the next sale. I do love the colour of it though

Wish me luck for tomorrow!!

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