It has been a while since I went to Nottingham I think it was before I went to University. Anyways on a limited budget of money I brought a couple of Clothes from one of my fav shops, Ark Clothing. I have always visited there website and have particularly been intrigued by the dress by Hearts and Bows. And because there was a sale, even better I got one of the dresses for £10!! Bargain. Here is a picture of the dress I brought.

I thought this would be perfect for Summer and Autumn. In Autumn I could wear a short or long sleeve t-shirt underneath with tights or a shirt over the top. I also brought a skirt which I will post in another blog.

While I was there my Mum saw some nice boots and I wasn't actually sure about them but now I really want to buy them

at £39.99 I think I have to save up for these pretties.

Next up is a picture for my Photo Diary.

Yummy Starbucks Coffee and a Skinny Peach and Raspberry Muffin. MMMM!!!

Other things I noticed in Nottingham was a shop and cafe with my nickname!! Shame the shop is closing down =(

Me and my mum managed to find a sweet shop. I loved the window display it's a shame I forgot to take a picture. But I did take a picture of me eating my Bubblegum Lollipop

Yay for a blue tongue I felt like a little kid again!

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