Pick your own

Today was such a nice idea that me and my parents decided to go out and pick some fruit. Even though we have fruit growing on a garden we thought we should have more. Because of this I have decided for my Daily Photo to be the sign.

And here is all the fruit we collected from the 'Pick Your Own'

After seeing a this recipe on somewere, I can't remember were, I've been tempted make Rhubarb Lemonade. Recipt is here
I think I will try and make it as I am intrigued to see what it tastes like. Hopefully Yummy.

While out and about today I decided on how I was going to display my series of picture. Until I get everything I will post some images of the idea for the book, but hopefully it would show my more artistic side.

In other news I managed to finish my mums bunting for in the garden.

I'm really proud of it to say it was all really from guess work. Although it did take a while I think I might consider making some for my shop and maybe doing a tutorial if I have time. Better get back to creating.

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