I know this is a late post but I just had to post a picture of my friend Jonos band Thanks to Phil. I've been meaning to watch them for a very long time but there has always been a problem of me being in Hereford.

I think I will make this photograph Day 7 of my photo diary.They don't usually do covers but I liked there cover version of Pendulums Propane Nightmares. There a Ska band so if you are into that type of music you can listen to there music here

Anyways as we went strawberry picking yesterday we had loads of strawberrys so my mum decided to make some of her usual strawberry jam with really pretty hand drawn labels which I thought was pretty cool. But as seen as we had strawberrys left over from the jam my mum also made some strawberry muffins yummy!.

I think I might just have to go and get one now.

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