1st week of london

So far London has been pretty awesome. A little bit of rain and thats about it.

On the train down to London me and my mum went 1st class as it was cheaper than normal! £26 for both of us. Anyway we managed to have 3 coffees, 2 orange juice, 3 bottles of water and 2 packet of biscuits all for free! Thats a bargin!

So far while I've been here we have been to Covent Garden and I had this picture taken with this lady. I just loved her umberella I wish I could have taken it!

Before we went to Covent Garden though we went down Fulham Broadway, and while my nan was at the hairdressers me and my mum went to a smoothie bar called Moosh. I just loved the interior inside, it was almost like you was sat in a forest. The flooring was even made from astro turf which I thought was a good idea. While I was there I had a coconut, mango and yogurt smoothie with frozen yogurt added to it. I loved it and I hope to visit there again. This time I will take pictures.

Anyways tomorrow I'm off to my favourite place in London, Camden. And hopefully I will find some nice items of clothing hopefully a cardigan I saw the last time I went. Even though I have only £40 I'm sure I can find something for myself. I will try and update my blog again soon after I've been hopefully, it just might be a couple of days.

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