Bubble Tea

Today was my first day of bubble tea! I've always wanted to try and I was so glad to I went to Chinatown and my mum saw it.

There was so many flavours to choose from I didn't know which one I should have. My mum had lychee flavoured and I had the green apple. Because me and my mum loved it so much when we go back to our home in Nottingham we are going to try and recreate them somehow. Hopefully they will taste the same as the ones we had today do.

As seen as we wasn't far we also took a trip to Primrose Bakery. My mum was very excited as we couldn't find it when we went to Covent Garden and we actually wasn't that far away from it today. It was a quaint little place with a wide selection of flavoured cupcakes.

I decided to have a Strawberry cupcake, that had a strawberry jam base with pink cream and strawberry flavoured flakes on top. My mum decided to have Lime and Coconut which I also tried and it was really nice.
Tomorrow, depending on the weather we might be going to Portobello Road and visit Hummingbird bakery. Another cupcake shop my mum would like to visit. Again I will try and update as soons as possible. I hope everyones summer is going great.

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