Red Velvet and Frozen Yogurt

So I'm still London and will soon be off to Swindon to visit my boyfriend on Wednesday. Only cost me £4.00 so the ticket was a bargain.

So what have I been up to since I've last been on. Well I've been to Portobello Road, and I loved it down there just wish I had more money. There was some very pretty coloured houses and there was a cute little store that there was so many lovely things I wish I could have brought, including a white wire manakin.

One of the reasons my mum wanted to go to Portobello Road was because she wanted to Visit the Humming Bird Bakery. It was actually quite lucky I noticed it otherwise we would have passed it. The cupcakes we decided to get was apple blossom and Red Velvet. Me and mum always wanted to know what the fuss was about with the Red Velvet Cupcakes in America, and now we know why. We both just loved the flavour and the colour as well so hopefully we will try and make some when I come back home from Swindon.

Another place we managed to find that was a bonus was a frozen Yogurt bar. As well as the Red Velvet Cupcake and the Bubble Tea, frozen yogurt was my next thing I wanted to try as I had seen many blog posts from different bloggers about these things.
The flavour I decided to go for was a mango and papaya frozen yogurt with pineapple on top. Nothing to adventurous but hopefully I might find another place were I can experiment more.

I'm so glad I found all these places to try these things. Anyways best be off and I will do a blog post on Wednesday when I'm in Swindon and from then on I will blog everyday. So everything will be back to normal and my shop will be open again.


Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

gorgeous photos! x

Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

oo very excited about this owl project!! and yay for music suggestions, thank you muchly dear :3 x