Wootton Bassett

So I arrived at Swindon train station at 1.30 yesterday and soon after we drove back to Wootton Bassett.

Me and Lawrence didn't do that much yesterday as I was a little tired from travelling, but today we went for a walk around the town and went to the park soon afterwards. I love just being like a child again playing on the swings. Which was really the only thing I went on while I was there.


Also I have managed to make a new friend, Buttons the cat who I absolutely love and might have to take home with me. She's actually sat right next to me now while I'm typing away on here.

This is a picture that Lawrence has just took of me with her.
As I have been away for the past to weeks I will do a belated style crush post and an update of what I've been doing.

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vascriv said...

Loving your swings pic jass