So 1 more sleep till Disney, yay I can't wait. I will try and get some blog posts ready for the days I'm away so to show you guys I'm still here.

I would like to start my blog today by saying I finally re-dyed my hair. It had been a while (last time was beginning of June) and I'm so glad to be a red head again =)

Me and my mum went and visited TkMax today and got some lovely craft things all designed by American Crafts.

Price= £5.99

Price= £2.99

Price= £1.99 (Sorry its blurry)

I finally used my Lush bath bomb I brought ages ago called space girl. I just love the colour purple and loved the fact it change the water a purple colour with glitter.

I have found I really nice coat on eBay but I am a little unsure if to buy it or not ready for autumn/winter. What do you thing guys?

It will cost me £24 with postage and I've got to decide soon before it goes.

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Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

i LOVE your hair, what dye do you use? x