Early Days

Today must have been the earliest time I've got up in a while. I got up at 8am today as people were coming round the house to check the hole in my ceiling. Apart from waking up early my mum had made the family American style pancakes.

There were really lovely, I think when I move back to Hereford I might have to try and have them some mornings before uni.

Also I thought I would share some of my friend work as I just love it all

Even though I'm a big fan of owls, I just love this last picture. One of my favourite drawings done by Jess. To check out more of her work just visit her website here

Ooh just remembered I have decided to take up poi spinning. When I was at my boyfriends house he had a glow staff (like the fire ones) and was trying to attempt the different tricks with it and that's when he thought I should considered poi spinning.

As much as I would love to I'm not going to be attempting fire poi just yet, so I've invested in some Ribbon Poi like these ones below.

Hopefully if I get a bit better I might buy some better ones but hopefully these will do me just fine.

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