So today I've not really done much apart from looking for a internet connection for me and my housemates in Hereford as we don't like the company we are with now.
It has literally given me a headache trying to find the best price for however many gb.
So far ringing up companies have been fine until now. Sky has just really annoyed me as I am struggling to find a number to actually talk to a real human being. Ahhh!!

Anyways enough of me ranting recently I have been spending time with my family as it is not long till I go off to Hereford. Yesterday I played Guitar Hero with my mum

and today after 10weeks off being here since I left uni I have actually cooked dinner shock horror!. Sausage Cassolet yummy.

At the moment my mum is baking some red velvet cupcakes yummy will have to post a picture up tomorrow.

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