10 things I love

I usually do a weekly things I love but after being tagged by Forever Curiouser I thought I would just do a general version for today. So here is 10 things I have always loved.

1. Owls
these pictures our from my 19Th birthday it was an owl experience present that I had from my parents. When I get back to uni I think I might have to do an owl post along with my collection of owls

2. Disney
I just absolutely adore anything to do with Disney. Well apart from the recent stuff like Hannah Montana I'm more of a classic Disney girl. I love the little Mermaid

3. Being Artistic
As well as photography, I love being creative from drawing to making things. For example hair accessories. Here is just some of my work.

4. The Mighty Boosh
I 1st fell in love with Howard Moon and Vince Noir at my friends house. I just love and since the program I have just had a love for the person that plays Vince, Noel Fielding.

I love playing my guitar and listening to music. I have recently been listening to Regina Spektor. I 1st heard her music when watching the movie (500) Days of Summer another thing I love as well.

6. Friends
I adore my friends. They are always there when I need them and always there for a good laugh and many other reasons

7. Elsies' Blog
If you haven't visited it yet you need to. She has an amazing sense of style, I love all the things she creates. Overall I look up to her as my role model. Here is the link to her blog A Beautiful Mess

8. Alexa Chung
Another person I look up to.

This is all I can think of at the moment. Oh and just as I promised my mums Red Velvet Cupcakes were awesome I just loved them

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Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

i love regina spektor too, she's amazing! thanks for doing the tag, i love seeing peoples answers! it's pretty awesome you got to see owls in action and looking forward to more owl posts! x