Books, Books and more Books

I have been to the Library so many tomes this week that I have gained too many books which I should really start reading.

Sorry for the blurred photo. As you can see there are more books to do with fairy tales and nursery rhymes as I'm basing my book arts projects on this. I will go into further more detail another day. Overall today has been quite a hectic day but quite fun. It was literally pouring down with rain earlier today so I couldn't wear a dress =( but here is the outfit I wore instead.

Hat: New Look £5
Dress: IMSO £10
Waistcoat: Camden £15
Jeans: New Look £10
Boots: Dorothy Perkins £13

Also over the weekend my parents came up with my Nan to visit. My Nan hasn't been to Hereford yet and I think she enjoyed seeing the cathedral and the area I am currently living in. My parents also brought up my Halloween pressie which I can't wait to open, but I have to wait.

Plus another thing its not long till my boyfriend comes and visits and really can't wait. Hopefully I will be back to doing blogging everyday I don't know whats been wrong with me recently hehe. So tomorrow I will try and attempt a themed blog. Hope you have had a good day.

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