Book Arts

I had so much fun yesterday in my Lesson that I got to be more of the creative person I am. In year 2 no matter what subject you do(apart from film)you get to learn Book Arts. I have wanted to do this since last year and yesterday we got taught how to make a book. Here is the picture of my book.

We Learnt how to form the pages and sew the book together properly. We also learned how to make it more of a "non-liner" book with pages coming out from other pages like the pictures below.

I can't wait to actually start making my actual book. I have decided what I am doing for the book making project and will be based around a children's book probably.
I really can't wait to show my fellow peers and tutors my more crafty artistic side through this book and its photography.
I will hopefully be doing my 1st tutorial tomorrow so I will be blogging about that. Hope your having a fun Autumn not long left now till Halloween.

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