My 1st tutorial- Turning tights into a long top

I was struggling to find anywhere to tell me how to turn tights into a top as I needed it for my Halloween Costume so here is a tutorial on how to do it for anyone else maybe struggling.
What you Need:

Step 1

Firstly you need to chose the chosen colour tights you want. I have white and then remove them from the packaging and take the cardboard out.
Step 2

Lay out the tights on a flat surface and find the crotch. Mark this place.
Step 3

Fold the tights in half along the crotch (Make sure they are flat) and make a small incision approximately 1". Cut up away from the legs an extra 4-5". This depends on the size of your head as this is going to be your head hole.
Step 4

This is what it should look like when finished. A slightly oval shape when you take it out and unfold it.
Step 5

If you've checked to make sure it fits, you can apply Fray Check here. It is not 100% necessary BUT it WILL keep the tights from running the first time you put them on. If you don't have Fray Check, you can use clear nail polish. Apply the liquid along the cut edge of the tights and allow tights to dry.
Step 6
You can decide whether you want long sleeves or finger holes for this next bit. I decided on finger holes but if you want them as long sleeves just trim the edge off at the feet bit of your tights but not too much
Step 7

For finger holes, place one arm into one leg, and spread your fingers out into the toe of the leg. Use a Sharpie or other marker to mark each finger. I recommended not using a black sharpie pen on white tights as this is what I did.
Step 8

After each finger hole has been marked, remove your hand from the tights. Carefully cut the holes. Only make tiny snips as these holes will stretch out when you first put them on.
TIP: cut these holes on the seam of the toes to prevent fraying.

Step 9
You should then have your top. I will take a picture of this later as I have yet to do so.

I also dyed my hair the other night and its so much redder. It needed doing desperately.

And I have also made some little Halloween gift pressies for my friends.
Probably be back later with my costume completely finished.

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