Crafting Goodness

I have finally managed to get all my headbands done for the shop Lovely Annie hopefully the manager will be pleased with them. I might ask her to see if I could take a picture of them on display one day and I will tell you how they go.

Childrens Headbands
I really like the blue one

Adult Headbands

I was a little short on supplies so I had to pop into town to try and get what I needed plus I needed to print some labels out at college. I was having so many problems with that printer. Stupid thing. But because it was a quick rush out the door here is what I wore today.

T-shirt: Topshop £6
Shirt: Zara £15
Jeans: New Look £18
Boots: Next £32

and here is also a picture of my sally dress. Its nearly finished and I can't wait till Halloween even though it is only 2 weeks away.

Sorry for the slightly gormless look I was taking a picture for someone that I wanted some advice from.
And I almost forgot before I end this blog post, my boyfriend Lawrence is coming up to Hereford for Halloween. It's only for 3 days but we are going to make the most of it!.
Another thing I'm going to try and do leading up to Halloween is put a picture at the end of every blog post related to this festive season. So here is the 1st image of 13

I can't remember were this image came from but I love the costume!

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