Frosty Morning and Bath

It was so cold today when I got up this morning that this is the 1st frost of Autumn. I'm so glad i wore a coat while I was out in Bath with college. It was such a really nice place to be. We went and visit the Don McCullin exhibition and he was there giving a talk. He is mostly known for his war photography which isn't really to my taste but I loved how he captured the emotion and atmosphere in all his black and white pictures. He has also recently done some landscape work which I absolutely adored. I managed to get him to sign my postcard I had just brought so here is a picture of it.

While in Bath we took a visit into town and I managed to get some really nice shots of the cathedral.

And there was a really nice Halloween/Autumn themed window display in the shop and I postbox which I thought was interesting.

I have posted a few more pictures up on my flickr
Because it was so cold today I had to wear my extra thick tights so here is what I wore today.

Hat: New Look £5
Dress: Camden £10
Top: Primark £3
Tights: New Look £6

Hope everyones' had a lovely cold frosty Autumn day. Oh I almost forgot I managed to take my headbands I finished the other day to the shop 'Lovely Annie' hopefully they sell.

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