Lack of Blogging

Sorry I haven't been blogging much recently. I have just been reading constantly and trying to find more information on what my course contains this year. Anyway yesterday me and my housemate had the house to ourselves and decided to have a binge eating day. As well as popping into town. (I will show you what I brought soon).
Well me and my friend Suzie yesterday decided to have pizza and soon after decided to make some yummy tasting pancakes. We then watched Chicago and had some homemade popcorn, yummy! Sadly there is not pictures but I shall remember for next time.

As I mentioned earlier we went shopping yesterday and I went and visited the fabric store. As student loans went in I thought I need to stock up and I got these lovely varieties of fabric with the help of Suzie.

I was thinking of more autumn colours for this season and my crafting and will hopefully put up some lovely items involving them.
As I have been so behind on blogging recently I also received a very large package in the mail on Friday and it was something my parents had sent me. This is what i received.

I remember my mum explaining this magazine on the phone to me and I thought about getting but I must admit at the price of £7.99 I didn't think it was worth it. But wow I was wrong. Not only do you get the magazine but you get some lovely fabrics (featured in the picture) some ribbon, 3 small pieces of felt and 6 sets of buttons. I just love some of the crafts in it. For example these little Christmas surprise bags which I will hopefully make for this year and maybe put my own style on it.

I just lovely the choice of fabric colours. I would also like to mention the postcard my mum sent with it. I always love cards/ scrapbooks my mum makes.

I will be back later with my daily Sunday style crush.

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