I have finally enrolled to day at university. Yay!! I did start university yesterday but we only had to present our work to the 1st years. I was really dreading it as I felt my work wasn't as good as anyone Else's. But I did it anyway. The projects I showed was my still life shoot (fairytale) and my landscape/documentary.
Everyone loved my still life work. Here's just a couple of pictures.

It was so fun seeing all the 1st years and chatting them about the course and there interests. Anyway, I'm off out tonight to celebrate a friends 21st birthday which hopefully will be fun. Here is the outfit I am wearing tonight. I'm so glad to be finally wearing these shoes, I had them as a Christmas present and have struggled to find what to wear with them. (sorry its a little blurred and yellowy)

PLaysuit: River Island £25
Cardigan: New Look £8
Shoes: Debenhams £???

I have to be of now but I will try to do better blog posts soon. Oh I almost forgot don't know if anyone remembers my Summer Project I had to do but I have finally finished it! All 100 days! I will try and create a college for you guys to see. Have a fun weekend.

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