Another day of book arts.

Yesterday I made another book. We did a Japanese style book which shows the spine of the pages. I will have to take a picture of it soon and will upload it tomorrow. But here is the book I did the week before which I forgot to upload last week. This book is a concertina book and was very simple to make.

Yesterday was a very arts and crafts day. As well as making the book we started making 5 by 4 pin hole cameras. Hopefully my camera will be done but tomorrow and I will post up on here. I hope we get to take some photos tomorrow.
In other news I found out that I got my work experience placement! I am really looking forward to it. It is going to start the 1st week in December for one day a week. I really am looking forward to it and hopefully you will find some off my work published in the magazines!
Sorry for the lack of blogging need to go back to doing some college work as I have deadlines. Hopefully I will be doing a more crafty blog this weekend.

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Rai said...

Oh I love pinhole cameras! When I was doing a-level photography we made a GIANT one out of a bin, so much fun c: x